COngo innovators 

Join us to empower the next generation of engineers in the DRC


In the Democratic republic of congo...

9% of the population has access to electricity

52% of the population has access to clean water

Armed groups, land disputes, and corruption have led to widespread injustice

A congolese solution for congo


- UCBC founder David Kasali

Rather than investing in short-term projects like many NGOs, we are investing in people. Our solution for a brighter Congo is instilling in our students an innovative spirit and a passion for their community.

our alumni are transforming Congo

Our impact

What are UCBC Applied Science alumni doing to transform Congo?

ERIC BIDONG - Class of 2014

Co-founded by UCBC alumni, Nuru (Swahili for "light") operates the largest off-grid solar field in sub-saharan Africa, which is opening the door for local entrepreneurship. They aim to provide power to 5 million by 2024.

SAGESSE MAGEZI - Class of 2013

JusticeBot was founded by Applied Science alumnus, Sagesse Magezi. Using artificial intelligence, JusticeBot gives free legal advice and connects people seeking legal help with service providers. JusticeBot has already served over 50,000 people.

SERGES VUTHEGHA - Class of 2013

UCBC's Integrated Research Institute launched its Sharing the Land program in 2015. Sharing the Land is addressing land conflicts by mapping land claims using innovative technology. It has impacted over 4,500 households and their model is expected to benefit 1 million Congolese.

... and with over 200 alumni, UCBC's Applied Science transformative innovators are everywhere!

How your gift makes a difference


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$10/mo will provide internet access for one student.


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$25/mo will provide lab materials for one student.


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$50/mo will fund capstone project materials for one senior student.


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$100/mo will send faculty to professional development opportunities.


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$500/mo will fund a TA's salary.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is my monthly donation used?

Your donation will be used to provide students in the Democratic Republic of Congo a cutting-edge, hands-on education in engineering. Due to poor educational funding and widespread poverty in Congo, educational institutions are understaffed and lack essential resources. Your contribution will grant students access to essential resources such as internet and enable UCBC to offer hands-on laboratory training and implement an evidence-based curriculum. 

Currently, Congo Innovators supports internet access to all UCBC Applied Science students, an annual student/faculty retreat, and scholarship for seniors to serve as teaching aids in freshman labs. The fund has also seeded UCBC's electronics lab, chemistry lab, and given UCBC faculty professional development opportunities.

With the growth of the fund, we hope to continue to equip our labs, revolutionize our sophomore and junior lab courses, and revamp our senior capstone project. 

How can I learn about the impact of my gift?

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How can I pay?

All donation information can be found on our donation page.

You can arrange your regular monthly donation to be charged to your credit or debit card (Visa, Discover, American Express, or Mastercard) or through bank withdrawal.

You can also mail a check to:

Congo Initiative
702 Saddlebrook Lane
Cherryville, NC 28021

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes! All donations are tax deductible. You will receive an annual tax receipt from our US partner Congo Initiative-USA (CI-USA). CI-USA is a registered 501(c)3 organization and exists to support UCBC and their various initiatives in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Why is my donation through Congo Initiative?

UCBC was launched in 2007 by Congo Initiative - a community of Christ-centered Congolese leaders and global partners united for the transformation of lives and a flourishing Democratic Republic of Congo. Empowered by this vision, Congo Initiative educates ethical leaders who have integrity; invests in a sustainable vibrant Congolese society; and develops grassroots initiatives for peace, hope, and justice.

The CongoInnovators fund is hosted by the USA branch of Congo Initiative (CI-USA). CI-USA exists to provide individuals, foundations, churches, and public institutions in the USA with access to the work of CI-Congo through financial, human resource, and technical investment.

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